"When Rahul Gandhi tore the copy of Ordinance, he actually tore the institution of Prime Minister of India," Chouhan wrote on microblogging website Twitter.
In a major embarrassment to the UPA government, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi in September last year had denounced the controversial ordinance to negate the
Supreme Court verdict on convicted lawmakers as ‘complete nonsense’ and said what ‘our government has done is wrong’.
In another tweet, the Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister said, "Congress leadership's undue interference resulted in failure of Dr Manmohan Singh inspite of being a renowned and accomplished economist."
In a radio message, Chouhan appealed to the people vote for the BJP as under Modi's prime ministership, there would be no ‘discrimination’ against Madhya Pradesh as was
happening during the UPA rule.
Meanwhile, addressing a series of election meetings in Chhindwara yesterday, he said, "Time has come for the people of Chhindwara to break free from Congress and give the BJP a chance."
He said that the growth rate of the country which was in double digits during the NDA regime, had come down to five percent under the UPA rule.


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