The ‘poor’ state of Amethi can be gauged by the fact that the per capita income of the constituency, instead of soaring, is sliding. According to a latest report released by the Uttar Pradesh government, in 2011-12, the per capital income of a person in Amethi (according to fixed rates of 2004-05) was only Rs 10,645 per year.

This is just one-third of the national per capital income of Rs 38,048 per person in the mentioned year, almost half of Uttar Pradesh’s Rs 18, 249 and more than five times lesser than Gujarat’s Rs 57,447.

What’s need to be mentioned that the Amethi residents’ income is so low that it even surpasses the symbol of nation’s poverty – Kalahandi, which has a per capita income of Rs 17, 070. These figures of Kalahandi date back to 2008 and the latest data must be more than this.

It’s important to mention Kalahandi in the context of Nehru-Gandhi family mainly because Rahul’s father and former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi’s visit to Kalahandi made its poverty, a subject of nationwide discussion.

The Uttar Pradesh government had constituted Amethi district in July 2010 by carving out some parts of Sultanpur. That’s why, no statistics and figures of Amethi before 2010 is available.

It’s, however, true that the Nehru-Gandhi family shares a quite old relationship with Amethi. Rahul Gandhi contested from here for the first time in 2004 on a successful note and won again in 2009.

Before that, Sonia won from here in 1999 and her husband was elected twice – 1984, 1989. Sanjay Gandhi also won the elections from here in 1980.

When it comes to per capital income, out of 72 districts in Uttar Pradesh, Amethi stands at 64, whereas it was 0n 63rd position in 2010-11.

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