"If you (Rahul) had a problem with the Ordinance you could have discussed it with the government. Why all this drama about tearing and throwing it? Is there anarchy in the government? He could have said instead that it should be again reconsidered by the Cabinet," Singh said.

The BJP veteran, who was in Kolkata to address the members of the ICC and MCC Chamber in Kolkata, however, said that it was an internal affair of the Congress party. "It's the party's internal affair and I should not say anything, but what I can say is that Rahul should have restrained himself from such a remark, especially when the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was on foreign soil," he said in reply to reporters' queries.

He observed that the PM is not a person of a single political party, but a Prime Minister of the people. "Snubbing the Prime Minister when he is overseas is not decent. It is unfortunate. It has demeaned the image of the country," Singh said.


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