Prasad, who served as Railway Minister in the UPA I government, in his letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi noted two recent flawed policy moves of Railways.

"The decision to recklessly increase financial leverage manifold by signing MOUs for borrowing of USD 40 Billion from institutions like LIC and JICA, that too for cash guzzling projects like Bullet train is likely to prove suicidal, particularly when Railways is not generating enough cash to meet its operating expenses", he said.

"Secondly, Railways has set up many committees whose denominator focused prescriptions of cost cutting, unbuckling and privatisation is playing havoc with the already low morale of Railways employees. It is fueling all kinds of scare mongering about job losses and the very future of Railways as a government entity", Prasad said.

Such speculation should be nipped in the bud as Railways is a web of life that weaves people and markets into a diverse yet unified India", Prasad added.

Likening Railways to a Jersey cow, a breed of dairy cattle, he said it was not in good health at present. "Your (Modi's) government has neither milked nor taken good care of it. It has fallen sick.

"If your government does course correction by reversing anti-poor and employee unfriendly policies, the Jersey cow (Railways) can be restored to sound health and start giving plentiful milk (returns)", he said.

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