"I do not have any expectations from Railway Budget. Though the nation has always big expectations from railway budget...Railway Minster is my friend and wish him best", Kumar said while talking to reporters after the cabinet meeting.

The Central government should work for development and expansion of railways across the country, he said.

"State governments have been asked to make investments in the railway projects of the concerned state. In how many areas and sectors, the state government will invest. The development and expansion of railways are the responsibility of the Central government," Kumar said.

RJD leader Lalu Prasad had recently criticised the BJP-led NDA government at the Centre for pushing railways to 'serious crisis'. Stating that Railway Ministry should not allocate 'token' funds, Kumar said that people have huge expectations from railways whose various projects are pending in the state.

There are many projects which have crossed their deadlines too, he added.

Centre is talking about private investments in railways which are in bad shape, Chief minister said and added that it was the Centre's responsibility to develop railways in a manner that its benefits should be passed on to all people.

Railways play a bigger role in unifying the country, he added.

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