"This hike is due to extreme compulsion but some solution will be worked out to compensate the possibility of rise in inflation due to hike in railway fare. Efforts will be made that inflation does not rise," said Mishra.

Responding to a question regarding hike in rail fare amidst speculations of rise in cooking gas, petrol and diesel prices, he said, "We have just come into power. Criticizing the working of the previous government on everything is not right but the manner in which situation had emerged some harsh steps have to be taken."

"But while taking harsh measures, some arrangements have to made in future to coordinate between the two so that inflation can be controlled in the time to come. Meetings of different ministries are being held under Union Finance Minister in this direction. Some solution will definitely be worked out," he added.

In one of the biggest hikes, the railways on Friday raised passenger fares by 14.2 percent for all classes and increased freight rates by 6.5 percent to garner Rs 8,000 crore annually through the pre-budget decision.

The decision, which will come into effect from 25th June and apply on basic fare, comes nearly a week after Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the country should be ready for tough decisions.

Due to the hike, a passenger will now have to shell out Rs 4,354 for a journey between Delhi and Kolkata by AC-I on Delhi-Howrah Rajdhani, instead of Rs 3,813.

Travel by AC-II on the same train will cost Rs 2,508 instead of Rs 2,197 and by AC-I, it will cost Rs 1,728 instead of Rs 1,514.

Journey between Delhi and Mumbai by Rajdhani will cost Rs 4,073 instead of Rs 3,567 in AC-I, Rs 2,357 instead of Rs 2,064 in AC-II and Rs 1,617 instead of Rs 1,416 in AC-III.

Travel between Delhi and Chennai by Delhi-Chennai Rajdhani will now cost Rs 4,673 instead of Rs 5,430 in AC-I, Rs 3,129 instead of Rs 2,740 in AC-II and Rs 2,119 instead of Rs 1,856 in AC-III.
Meanwhile, he said that the ongoing crisis in Iraq was creating a big hurdle in controlling inflation.
"It is a big reason," he said, adding as per the situation so far the government works according to the plan prepared by the Planning Commission.
"We are a federal government so we have to look that interest of the states were not affected," he said.
Regarding law and order situation in Uttar Pradesh, the Union Minister said that it was very bad.
"Law and order has collapsed and development has come to a standstill. Several things have been curtailed in the state budget presented on Friday. Recently the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister met the Prime Minister. I don't know the details, but the PM would have said to control the situation," he said.

When asked whether the Centre would intervene, Mishra said, "It is a constitutional government. The Governor sends its report to the centre and any consideration is done by the cabinet on its basis."

He said the Samajwadi Party-ruled state was being asked repeatedly to control the situation.

"This is not right that we demand dismissal of a government while being in power," he said when asked that the BJP had been demanding dismissal of Akhilesh Yadav-led government in the past.


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