New Delhi: If you are a Railway employee and have rented out your government accommodation, beware you might end up losing it and face a departmental action as well.

The Railway administration has launched a special operation against those employees who give out their government accommodation on rent.

In Delhi alone, there are around 3000 government houses which have been rented out. Now, such employees will have to face action as the government has decided to take tough stand against them.

The Northern Railway conducted a survey recently on government quarters in Delhi zone.

During the survey, it was ascertained that around 3,000 government quarters have been given out on rent by employees in Delhi alone whereas nearly 2500 employees are waiting for a government accommodation for few years.

As per the Railway statistics, there are total 12,000 flats in Delhi out of which more than 10,000 flats fall under Type-1 to Type-3 which are allotted to supervisor grade employees.

The remaining 2000 quarters in Type-4 and Type-5 are allotted to gazetted officers and other senior officials.

According to Railway officials, 20 percent of the quarters have been given out on rent by the employees.

Interestingly, people living on rent have no connection with the Railways which can pose a threat to Railway safety and security.
As per the rules, the government quarters are allotted on the basis of basic salary of an employee and the facility can be availed by the official or the dependent family.