Deoria: Indian Railways (IR) has undergone stages of evolution since the Independence, which has gained new face by churning out new designs and impressive looks. However, Deoria, a small town in Uttar Pradesh, witnesses British-made passenger train which runs on ramshackle railway lines.

Known as ‘Barhajiya’, the passenger train runs from Bhatni  to Barhaj in Deoria district. Covering 30 kilometres in four hours, the passenger train with four bogie moves on the decrepit railway track laid during the British time.

What makes the train unique is that the driver of the train himself opens and closes four unmanned railway crossing on the route. Interestingly, the passengers have to collect tickets from train conductor, similar to that in bus. No security guard and ticket checker are deployed in the train.
As per the government records and information collected from the locals, British rulers laid railway line from Bhatni to Barhaj via Salempur in 1897 gauging the industrial importance of the town. The goods exported from foreign countries via sea route were transported to other parts of the country via Bahraj railway route.

After independence, the railway network in Deoria remained functional. However, in 1987, railways stopped the train operation in this block. Following the massive protest, the authorities had to once again regain the services, which is functional till present date.