New Delhi: The purpose behind the Railway Safety Commission, which was constituted to probe into the rail accidents under the Civil Aviation Ministry, to maintain its autonomy and to keep it away from the pressure of the Railway officials seems to be defeated.

Since the officials from Railways of lesser importance are made the Commissioner and Chief Commissioner in the Commission, the top Railways officials hardly pay any heed to the reports submitted by it in the wake of mishaps.

The ineffectiveness of the safety panel can be gauged from the fact that the report of the last rail accident probe is either lying with the General Manager of the zones or is biting the dust in the offices of the Railway Board.

The report of the accident which was prepared by PK Vajpayee, the then Safety Commissioner of the North eastern zone, had highlighted the negligence of the signal in-charge, but no further inquiry was made.

Similarly, in the Kalandi Express accident that rocked the nation on January 15, 2010, the CRS had cited the reason for the accident as the driver took the train beyond the signal line. For this, 75 recommendations were made but the file failed to reach its desired destination.