New Delhi: Coming as a welcome change, the Indian Railways for the first time has sought the assistance of the states in building new rail corridors and rail lines. Ten states including Chhattisgarh and Maharashtra have already extended support to the Railway Ministry for the purpose.

However, laying of new lines, gauge conversion and doubling of railway lines will prove to be a tough task for the economically weaker states.

Three rail corridors will be developed in the northern part of Chhattisgarh which could not have been possible for the beleaguered Railways without the assistance of the states.

Atleast 31 projects of laying 5,000 kilometres of rail lines in ten states have been flagged off as a result of the state-Centre partnership. Railway Minister Dinesh Trivedi has urged the states to come forward in completing those tasks which are in the pipeline for a long time.

Not only this, Dinesh Trivedi has asked the states to bear the cost of laying rail tracks, gauge conversion and doubling of railway lines. He however, assured that the Railways would extend all possible support to the states in completing the projects.