Gwalior: Taking serious note of the spurt in accidents at unmanned railway crossings, the Indian Railways is planning to appeal state governments to add certain railway rules to the already existing ones while issuing driving licenses for heavy and light weight vehicles.

Railway Security Commissioner of Western region, PK Vajpayee, who was in Gwalior to inspect the recent accident, informed the initiative to be taken by the department.

“Lack of awareness is the main reason behind accidents at unmanned railway crossings," said Vajpayee.

Apprising about the narrow gauge train accident in Gwalior, the commissioner informed that driver was unaware of railway rules.

 “As per the facts revealed during the inspection, truck driver informed that he had the least knowledge about consequences to be faced after crossing an unmanned railway crossing," he said.

According to the commissioner, in the statement given by the villagers, the truck driver was cautioned about the train to pass by, but he neglected the warning.