New Delhi: In a measure to check irregularities while booking, loading and delivery of goods, the Indian Railways have initiated computerisation of parcel management. First time in the country, the Railways has connected Delhi-Howrah root to the parcel management system.

The parcel office at New Delhi station was computerized in 2006. Now, New Delhi, Howrah, Kanpur Central, Allahabad, Gaya and Sealdah stations would be connected with the parcel management system.

The system would keep a complete record of the parcel from the time it reaches the station to booking, loading, and delivery destinations.

The initiative is seen as a measure taken after the increasing complaints of theft, stealing and security breach at the railway stations. The system has been implemented to keep transparency between Railway staff and passengers.

Under the computerized system, the weighting of the parcel, making PW bill, details of loading and unloading, issuing gate pass required for the delivery of parcel can be prepared in very short time.

Moreover, parcel details and information can also be derived from one terminal of the railway station to the other. 

The Chief Administrative Officer (PTS) Vijaya Sinha said, “The facility has to be expanded across the country.” The facility which has been built at the cost of Rs 115 crore would connect 220 stations across the country.