New Delhi: High-level safety review committee headed by Dr Anil Kakodkar has blamed Railways’ ‘deteriorating’ health to the implementation of sixth pay commission without revising the fare charges.

The committee which was formed after the two major railway mishaps last year has presented a 160-pages report to Railway minister Dinesh Trivedi recommending him to rework strategies to bail Railways out of the growing crisis.

Blaming that politics was responsible for Railways present poor economic condition, report said, “in the last ten years Wholesale Price Index (WPI) has grown by 300%, but the condition of Railways has remained stranded. The report further says that till Railways is run like a business, it will not be able to yield encouraging results.

Report also slammed the various governments for announcing new trains in every budget session without enhancing the track capacity of the railways.

“Due to political reasons, every year new trains are being introduced between the stations without enhancing the infrastructure and railway corridor lines leading to augmented safety woes” report said.

Committee recommended, Rs.1,00000 crore is needed to give Railways’ worsening security system a face-lift in the next five years.

The report also suggested to the government to set-up new rail factories to boost its efficiency.