New Delhi: Bestowing home like facilities to passengers of various Shatabdi Express, the Railways department has decided to install television sets in these trains.

This ambitious project is expected to be completed by December 2010. Tender bids for the installation of portable television sets have been invited. On an experimental basis, the facility was started in the executive chair car coach of Kalka Shatabdi. In the initial phase, as many as 80 channels are being telecast in the Kalka Shatabdi express.

The 7-inch portable television will be installed behind the chairs of the Shatabdi. Under the project, 56 seats in executive coach and 78 seats in the chair car will be equipped with TV sets. In order to avoid any confrontation amongst the passengers, separate earphones would be provided to them.

According to railway officials, rail administration had started the pilot project in February and after the initial success the project will be implemented in rest of the Shatabdis leaving from Delhi to Amritsar, Kalka, Bhopal, Lucknow, Ajmer and Dehradun.

According to Chief Public Relations Officer (Northern Railways) Shailendra Kumar, “Tender bids have been invited for direct telecast of channels and according to terms and conditions, the contractor is permitted to telecast advertisements in 20 percent of the total travel time.”