The manifesto of the BJP and the vision document of the Congress for the UP assembly elections will be relevant only if they are voted to power. Though it is difficult to assume that any one of them will be able to hold the rein of the state, it is hard to understand why these parties which are promising a sea change in UP fail to provide good governance and development in the states ruled by them?  Whether it’s the BJP or the Congress ruled states, it is difficult to witness development like the one promised in the manifestos and vision documents. Amidst the assurances given by the Congress, the farmers of UP will be given loans on an interest rate of 6 percent, the Chief Minister will be brought under the ambit of the Lokayukta, rivers will be cleaned and schools will be built in every village. Is any such work taking shape in the Congress ruled states? Similar questions are also being asked to the BJP which has promised to give Rs 2500 as allowance to unemployed people, strengthen the Lokayukta, free the police department from the interference of the government and round the clock electricity to farmers are some of the claims made by the party to the people of Uttar Pradesh. It is not surprising that there is a strong resemblance between the promises made by both the parties as their key motive is to woo the voters. It is to be noted that the BJP and the Congress like its counterparts, the SP and the Akali Dal, have also highlighted the importance of computers. There is no denying that equipping the youngsters with computers and laptops is a good idea but political parties must realize the rickety state of elementary education in the country?

A recent survey has revealed that the state of elementary education in the northern states of the country is deplorable. There is no doubt that computers and laptops have become a very strong medium of knowledge but without basic education these facilities meant to enhance knowledge will become futile for the students. No matter how appealing the manifestos may sound there is not an inkling of doubt that they are only meant to project a sound picture. Speaking based on the experiences; political parties on being voted to power put their promises made in their manifestos on the backburner or else go requesting the Centre for help. It is a known fact that the AIADMK after coming to power has begun seeking the help of the Centre to fulfill its promises made in the manifesto. Keeping in mind the kind of vision documents presented by political parties these days it has become important that the Election Commission should realize that the only motive behind such promises is luring the voters. The law abiding citizens are wise enough, son they should not be misled.