Back in the groove

I am judging this reality show for the second time in a row. Besides new contestants what is also new is a thinner version of myself (laughs). It took me a while to knock off all the extra pounds that I had put on after the birth of Viaan. I am kicked about this new season.

An exciting venture

I am producing a complete masala film based on the Mumbai underworld. The fact that I am taking on such a script sounds bizarre, but I simply loved the script. I can’t comment on whether it’s based on a real character or not. It is the story of a guy who wants to make it as a gangster and the kind of emotional upheavals he faces.

Always in the limelight

I have never been away from the industry. I have made my presence felt through endorsements and TV shows which I enjoy doing. There’s a lot happening in my life. I also have my son to take care of, he is now saying something new everyday which I cannot miss for the world. He has developed an obsession for beaches. I try to indulge him in whichever way I can, by spending as much time with him. So, I only take up something which gives me creative satisfaction.

Marital bliss

Raj has brought a lot of happiness in my life. He is my strength and encourages me to do different things. He’s a wonderful person.

Role call

The next year and half are very crucial for my son, so I am not taking on too much. I don’t want to put half-hearted effort in a film as I need to be with my child without whom I cannot live. His timings are odd: he wakes up by 8 am and sleeps at 9 pm. Generally, shooting schedules go on for long hours, so it doesn’t make sense for me to take on a film which is a big commitment.

Courtesy: Mid-day

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