A source close to the Kapoor’s revealed that the family is planning a best way out for a coloured re-release which will also mark the revival of R.K Banner.  "The family wants to get the colouring procedure done at a top studio abroad. It's a classic and they want the best” said the source.

It was reported some time ago that Rishi Kapoor was thinking of remaking the film, with himself in Prithviraj's role and Ranbir essaying the role of Raj Kapoor.  However the Kapoor scion has different notions. "I don't think we have the capability to touch a film like 'Awara'. The film was made to the best of its capabilities and I wouldn't like to touch it. I live with my mom and dad but so far my dad has not told me anything about this. I read about this for the first time in a newspaper. I wouldn't like to remake Awara because you will have to get Raj Kapoor, Nargis ji, Prithviraj Kapoor back to this world, then this film can be made again," Ranbir reportedly said.


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