Mumbai: Raj Thackeray has apparently asked for a private screening of 'Singham' before its release. Ajay Devgn's  Singham seems to be attracting a lot of attention even before it hits theatres on this Friday.

MNS leader Raj Thackeray has apparently expressed an interest in watching the film before its release. Not surprising, considering Singham revolves around the issues faced by the Marathi Manoos.

A source confirms, "Raj Thackeray wants to watch the film, and Ajay is trying his best to arrange a special screening for him."

The protagonist in the film, Bajirao Singham, is an honest cop posted in the interiors of Maharashtra, trying to better the political and economic situation there against all odds.

Arousing curiosity

Interestingly, this tale of an honest cop versus a corrupt politician has increased the curiosity level amongst many political parties.

Adds the source, "Since the film has really worked in Tamil, Raj Thackeray is keen to see how the janata in Maharashtra has been portrayed in the film."

So far, only Aamir Khan has been holding private screenings of his movies before their release, including Delly Belly, for the Thackerays.

Though this is a first for an Ajay Devgn film, we won't be surprised if the pattern continues for his forthcoming ventures too.

The source adds, "This is not an attempt to publicise the film. But when a top politician in the city expresses his desire to watch it, you definitely have to respect that."

For pals too

Apart from Thackeray, Ajay Devgn is also planning to hold special screenings for the families of his two best friends Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt very soon.