After the arrest of former Telecom Minister A Raja, the Congress’ claim of law taking its own course has no merit, as the nation unambiguously knows that how the government did somersault to shield the tainted minister from going into the police net. Earlier the Prime Minister himself gave him clean chit, the Congress-led ruling dispensation later said in chorus that Raja followed the footprint made by the NDA government regarding the allocation of 2G spectrum. The irony is that the successor of Raja Kapil Sibal stooped so low to save the predecessor that Sibal called a spade a spade, the CAG’s report is erroneous as there is zero loss of exchequer in the allocation of 2G. After his arrest, the big question arises that those who tried to save Raja will tender apology to the nation. It is also intriguing that why the process of the arrest of Raja was made reluctant? It hits the fundamental of democracy, a common man is put behind the bar in split of second for embezzling a paltry amount of money, while a leader tainted with the scam of crores of rupees goes to jail when the media and the opposition pile up pressure on them. Had the Supreme Court not posed tough posture towards Raja, he would still have been reining supreme. How can one say that in Indian democracy everyone is treated equally? The way Raja was cushioned happens only in feudalistic and dictatorial set up.

The policy-makers should be embarrassed for delaying the arrest of Raja. It is surprising that the message is spelt out from the government part that the arrest of Raja will not dent the credibility of the Centre, though the report card of the UPA-government draws duck from people. The country will not be satisfied with Raja being in net, because the pertinent is whether Raja would be punished for denting the government’s exchequer in the wake of irregularities in the spectrum allocation. Nation also wants to know that what course of action would be taken against those companies which took undue advantage from Raja. The ruling dispensation has not mustered courage to tighten noose around the telcos which took license of 2G spectrum illegally and did not start action even after the deadline expired. As the arrest of Raja does not suffice going by the gravity and loopholes in the 2G spectrum scam, the Opposition is still sticking to its gun of the JPC probe. If the Central government has to salvage its sagging image, it should not shrug off the Opposition’s demand.