Mumbai: He may not have been invited to his former wife Shweta Tiwari’s wedding to television actor Abhinav Kohli, but Raja Chowdhury says he has his own reasons to celebrate. Close on the heels of his ex’s wedding over the weekend, Raja will be throwing a bash for his friends on July 23.

Raja, who is currently recuperating after a knee injury says, “Yes, I am throwing a party at a Juhu nightclub. I feel now that Shweta is married and happy, it is an occasion to celebrate. She always complained of being unhappy with me and I want to wish her a prosperous life. It is a small gesture from my end.”

Incidentally, Raja plans to extend an invite to Shweta as well. “She is welcome to the party. We hardly have any common friends but I will still invite them,” he says. The TV actor, who did not receive an invitation to his ex’s wedding, says he is not planning to settle down once more any time soon. “At this stage of my life there are so many things and I will think about it when the time is right,” he says.

Shweta's New Innings!!! (pic)

Shweta Tiwari marries Abhinav Kohli

Courtesy: Mid-Day