Colombo: With differences over a political solution hampering Sri Lanka's efforts to resolve the Tamil issue, President Mahinda Rajapaksa on Saturday said participation in a parliamentary panel and not an "imported solution" was the way to heal the ethnic woes.

In a reference aimed at the stalled talks with the TNA over the India-supported devolution of power to Tamil-majority areas, the President asked the Tamil party to join the political process rather than utilising "foreign influences".
"We believe that the mechanism for solving the national question is the parliamentary select committee," Rajapaksa said in comments marking Sri Lanka's Independence Day.
The government's talks with the Tamil National Alliance have been struck over the latter's demand of giving revenue and police powers to the Northern and Eastern provinces under the 13th Amendment plus approach.
It is to be noted that the 13th Amendment solution has been promoted by India.
"It is the duty of all parties in the country to solve problems according to people's wishes by participating in this Parliamentary Select Committee rather than relying on imported solutions and utilising foreign influences," Rajapaksa said.
TNA has refused to nominate its members to the parliamentary committee as it feels the process would be meaningless unless its key demands were met.
Rajapaksa's comments came in variance with the stand of the Indian government, which has advocated full implementation of the 13th amendment to the constitution adopted as part of an Indian initiative to bring peace to Sri Lanka.