New Delhi: Former Lankan President Chandrika Kumaratunga has said that incumbent President Mahinda Rajapaksa should walk the ‘extra mile’ and do a ‘lot more’ for political reconciliation of minority Tamils, who are different from LTTE.

Notably, in an LTTE attack in late 1990s Kumaratunga was seriously injured. She alleged that some elements in the government do not understand that Tamils as a population--different from the terrorist organisation, which was militarily defeated in 2009.

She also sees the prevailing environment in the island as a "big window of opportunity" to resolve the decades-old ethnic conflict by addressing their grievances through political means.

"We are concerned that as much as can be done is not being done. Almost three years have passed and we are all very happy that the Tigers, the terrorist organisation has been defeated decisively.

"But what worries me is that some people in the government don’t understand that the terrorist organisation is different from Tamils as a population,” she said.