Jaipur: Trying to score over the Bharatiya Janata Party’s Karnataka dilemma, Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on Friday launched an all out verbal attack on the party. He hit out at the BJP’s anti-corruption campaign against the Congress and said the party should take action against its corrupt Karnataka CM before pointing fingers at others.

“The Karnataka Chief Minister comes to Delhi to threaten the BJP leadership and goes back. The party is unable to initiate any action against its own tainted Chief Minister,” Gehlot said at a conference of Congress Seva Dal held in Birla Auditorium here on Saturday.

Sharpening his attack he said, “The true face of the party has been unveiled in front of the public. The BJP wants to come to power only through lucrative slogans but now the people have understood the reality. The BJP, an off shoot of the RSS, like its parent organization, has always been involved in spreading rumours. It was and still is directionless.”  

Clarifying his party’s stand on corruption, the Chief Minister said, “The Congress has always taken action against corrupt leaders and removed them from their posts, whether he is a Chief Minister or any other influential leader.”

He even cautioned the Congress workers against the BJP’s rumours and urged them to help the government to reach out their welfare decisions to the common masses and strengthen the party. He expressed his aim to form government in the state in the next term as well.

Giving credit to the party for his success, he said his accomplishment lies not in being the Chief Minister of the state for 10 years but in strengthening the party.

Gehlot said, “We should never let the government pass into the hands of communal forces, rather should try to clearly indicate them that they should stop dreaming about forming the government.”

(JPN/ Bureau)