According to a website, the folk dance is not only a display of rhythmic talent, but its graceful performance in conjunction with twirling of colourful and long-flowing skirts also elevates its aesthetic appeal.

The website has ranked Hawaii's Hula dance at number one, and Japan's Bon Odori dance at number two. Ireland's Irish Step dance has secured the third place and India's Ghoomar has been ranked fourth as the most amazing local dance.

In recent times, Ghoomar was popularized by music company Veena, based in Jaipur, Rajasthan. "We are really happy that Ghoomar has been ranked as one of the top dances. We at Veena came up with the first Ghoomar album in 1999. The popularity of the folk music soon spread," said KC Malu, chairman of the music company.

He added, "We brought out a series of Ghoomar albums and it sold like hot cakes. It became popular even among non-resident Indians (NRIs) living in several other countries also."

Ghoomar is believed to have derived its name from the word Ghoomna (spinning around or pirouetting). Describing the dance form, the website said the dancers are veiled women spinning around the room, occasionally snapping or clapping and both men and women are expected to sing together.


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