The Raje government will introduce new system of self-attestation and declaration of documents from January 1, 2015 by abolishing the old system of affidavit submission of every official documents for job, property, housing, and in government functioning, an official order passed last night said.
Candidates applying for a job or education in any of the departments, boards, commissions, or panchayati raj institutions of the state government would be able to do "self-attestation" and make submission accordingly.

The state government has simplified procedures for verification of documents and statements, the order said. The new system would also enable people to file self-attestation while dealing with house and property matters with the housing board, development authorities, boards, corporations, power companies, cooperative societies, panchayati raj institutions and civic bodies.
This would also be applicable while filing papers for making new ration cards, land transfer, power-electricity-water connections, caste certificate, driving license, pension, and other matters related to the state government affairs.
This will provide a relief to citizens especially students who had to go Notarian/Magistrate/ Gazzeted Officer for each paper certfication and attestation, the order said.
The new system would appear to be easy but any person committing error or fraud would be brought under laws of IPC leading to penalty in cash and jail term as punishment, it said.
The state government's order has been served to every department for implementation and website update by January 1 next year. Offenders would be punishable under relevant sections of IPC and would be imprisioned for a period ranging from six months to three years and also cash fine.

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