Mumbai: The new woman in Rajesh Khanna's life is Anita Advani, who is a childhood friend of the yesteryear superstar. Source insists that the two have been dating for eight years now.

Rajesh Khanna's ladylove opens up about their 'special and sacred’ relationship. Kaka says he's "fond" of her but they haven't reached the 'stage of love.'

She is the niece of the former President of the Philippines, Ferdinand Emmanuel Edralin Marcos and his wife Imelda Marcos (she's famous for her collection of 2700 shoes).

Advani is a regular visitor to Khanna's bungalow and has been spotted there quite often. A couple of days ago, they were also spotted at the nearby Elco Market having paani puri. They looked like a couple in love and seemed quite comfortable in each other's company.

Mid-day team managed to get the Bandra businesswoman to talk about Kaka. She admits, "I am great friends with Rajesh Khanna. I have known him for a very long time. We are great     friends."
Just friends? We prod. She answers with a mysterious "I love him... who doesn't?"

She admits to meeting him at a shooting as a child and growing close only now. "I think I am very happy in my relationship," she states, adding, "I feel very fortunate to be very-very close to     him.

He is a very intelligent and romantic person." The couple spends a lot of quality time together.

"We hang out. We are at home together. We do out for dinners and stuff and go on after-dinner   drives," she reveals.

Marriage on the cards? "Any person in my place would want that. Who wouldn't?", she shoots back. So, she is waiting for him to pop up the question, then. She avers, "We are so close. We don't want any strings attached. I think we are very happy as we are."

"I have met his daughters," Anita admits, adding that she shares a great friendship with his estranged wife Dimple Kapadia as well. "I have met her several times. She is a  wonderful     woman."

Of the relationship, she says, "It's a very special, sacred relationship and I truly relish it. Unlike a normal relationship, there are no demands and expectations. This is much deeper."

Rajesh Khanna, however, has a different tale to tell. He says, "Anita and I have been known to each other for 32 years. She was in school then. We are just friends. She is a lovely person. I am very fond of her. But we haven't reached the stage of love."