New Delhi: After the demise of superstar Rajesh Khanna his residence Aashirwad has been garnering a lot of public and media attention. It is also reported that this bungalow would soon turn into a museum, as per Kaka’s last wish. This is the place from where RK saw the height of success and downfall of his career. This supernova for whom girls could even sacrifice their lives breathed his last in Aashirwad being all alone. Many of us unknown about the fact that late superstar Rajesh Khanna's bungalow Aashirwad located on Carter Road has an old secret buried in it.

The area, where the house is situated at present had just a bunch of mansions mainly owned by the East Indian community and Parsis. It is said beside music director, Naushad’s bungalow, Aashiyana, there was another two storeyed building, left in a dilapidated state. People used to say that the house is haunted and so that nobody dared to buy it in sixties. It was called even ‘Bhoot bangla’.

Spirit stories deteriorated house's value and it was being offered at dirt cheap rates. Rajendra Kumar, who was then a budding star and had just landed in Mumbai bought that bungalow only for Rs 60,000. Before shifting there, Rajendra Kumar consulted his dearest friend Manoj Kumar who was aware of those haunting stories associated with the house. The supernatural stories about the house were so high that he performed Puja and other rituals before moving in.

The mansion was renovated and named Dimple after Kumar's daughter's name. Surprisingly, Rajendra Kumar tasted pinnacle of success there. That house turned out to be lucky for him. He gave back to back hits and became ‘Jubilee Kumar’ in no time. Then he built another house at Pali Hill and again named it Dimple. When Rajesh Khanna, a rising star of that time came to know that Rajendra is willing to sell his old house, he bought it without giving it a second thought. Rajesh Khanna might think that that the house will turn lucky for him too as it did for its former owner, Rajendra Kumar. The bungalow was named Aashirwad by Rajesh Khanna.

Call it superstition or coincidence his entire life and career changed as soon as he stepped in the house. Success chased him all the way till he became India's 'first superstar’. It was the same place that he became Bollywood’s king of romance, superstar, married much younger Dimple Kapadia, planned all his movies, partied with friends. It was Aashirwad that he looked out of his window to see hundreds of crazy girls waiting for hours, only to get a glimpse of him.

Every good thing has a darker side to it and so did Aashirwad. This was also the bungalow that saw his fall from the throne as one film after another flopped at the box office. A star called Amitabh Bachchan swept away all the limelight of Khanna and eventually Kaka lost all the charm of his glittering life, which never came back. Like his professional career, Rajesh Khanna’s personal life hit rock bottom.

He had no work and his wife and kids also left him. Kaka, once the heartthrob of young women, who was used to getting bouquets and blood smeared love letters from girls gradually started to lose his fan following. He was left all alone and this house began to prove unlucky for him. It is reported that he spent most of his time in his office on Linking Road and returned home only to sleep. The story took a bizarre turn when he first fell sick and then never recovered. It was the same house from where Rajesh Khanna bid a final goodbye to this world. Rajesh Khanna the superstar of that era spent his life and breathed his last all alone without having inner happiness or mental peace in his bungalow Aashirwad.


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