Lucknow: Former Chief Justice of Delhi High Court Rajinder Sachar on Friday said the Uttar Pradesh government should immediately release the report of the inquiry commission relating to youths arrested in connection with 2007 serial court blasts.

Talking to the reporters Justice Sachar said that the RD Nimesh inquiry commission report, which is with the state government since August 31 regarding arrest of Tariq Qasim and
Khalid Mujahid should be made public.

He said that people have full right to know that what was in the report as not only the lives of those arrested was at stake, but there was a question of justice to people killed in terrorist activities.

A list of 68 people titled 'Muslim Youths and Terrorist Incidents' was released and demand was raised for an inquiry into charges against them.

He demanded a separate commission for enquiry of those accused in terror activities saying, "Muslim youths, after spending over ten years in jail, were being acquitted by the courts."

He said that due to these incidents a feeling was emerging among Muslims that governments were framing them due to policy reason which was dangerous for democracy.

Raising question over commitment of the political parties towards secularism, he alleged that though Modi government was not there in Delhi and at the Centre, but Muslims were being arrested on fake charges of terrorism which exposes non-secular character of non-BJP parties.

Demanding abolition of sedition law, Sachar said "there could be no place for the law framed by the Britishers in democracy."

He said that it was unfortunate that Congress government was not abolishing the law, even when Jawaharlal Nehru himself was against it.

On the question of FDI, Sachar said that the manner in which East India Company made the country slave for decades in the name of trade, so called democratic governments were pushing it towards new slavery.


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