"If you remember, when the late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi took over a lot of things improved at that time. They improved because he made programme implementation better," he said during his visit to the Indian Statistical Institute here.
"Similarly if we make our statistical data and data collection better, and if we can find innovative methods... and if we can get the type of data we want. The type of data which will help the nation, the type of statistics that will contribute towards the various facets of the nation," he added.
Singh said without correct statistics no progress could be made because the planning can go wrong. "If a nation does not have correct statistics of various things that happen in a nation, no progress can be made because all our planning can go wrong," he said.
He said whenever the statistical data was incorrect, India committed mistakes, and time has come to utilise all the means available. "If you analyse for the last so many years, that whenever our statistical data was not correct, we made mistakes," he said.

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