The 29-year-old actor decided to step into the shoes of a poor man to experience the struggles he undergoes to make his ends meet. In the process, he posed as a menial worker and went door to door seeking jobs in Mumbai.

"Rajkummar went looking for a job near Santacruz station and asked if he could get some work but was denied. Later he landed up at a construction site nearby. The contractor offered him to work at a wage of Rs 100 a day and he agreed to work," a source close to their production team said in a statement here.

"Rajkummar actually slogged and worked hard to earn Rs 100. This scene will even be seen in the film," the source said.

In the film, Rajkummar plays the role of a rural trader who migrates to Mumbai in search of a better life and then goes on to face the challenges of an urban culture.

'City Lights', directed by Hansal Mehta is the story of every common man who, in search of a better livelihood, migrates from rural areas to urban cities.

The film, an official adaptation of British film 'Metro Manila', is scheduled to release on May 30.


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