Jaipur: The secretary of Rajmata Gayatri Devi, Mohammad Ayub Khan has filed an affidavit to confirm her signature  onthe will and settlement agreement which was mutually agreed in the presence of Rajmata and her grandchildren Devraj and Lalitya Kumari on November 14, 2008. The will was formulated by Rajmata on May 10, 2009 in favour of her grandchildren.

Khan said, “I have been Rajmata’s secretary since 1992-93, and till she breathed her last. Just before Rajmata’s death, I had accompanied her to London from May to July 2009.”

Talking about her relations with grandchildren, Khan said, “Gayatri Devi after the death of her son Jagat Singh had always maintained a healthy relationship with her grandchildren Devraj Singh and Lalitya Kumari. Both completed their academics from London and during this period they stayed in Rajmata’s residence in England.”

Throwing light on the issue revolving round the forged signature, Khan said, “I very well recognise Rajmata’s signature and I was a personal witness to the deal that was finalized between Rajmata and Devraj on November 14, 2008.”

Elaborating further, he added, “Due to a problem in the hand of former Maharaja Brigadier Bhawani Singh he had put his thumb impression. So the thumb impression and signature of Singh and Rajmata respectively in the affidavit are genuine and correct.”

According to Khan, “On May 10, 2009 the mental condition of Rajmata was perfectly fine. Other than her knee pain she was not having any major health problem.” “After having a close-door meeting with her eldest son Bhawani Singh, she dictated her will to me. Thereafter, Gayatri Devi made her signature on the will, Bhawani Singh and I signed the document as witnesses,” he added.

Khan said, “Even though Jagat Singh did not have his personal will, he had never ignored his children.”

Few days back, Gayatri Devi’s stepson Prithviraj Singh had filed an affidavit in the court claiming that the signature of Rajmata had been forged. Replying to the affidavit, lawyer of Devraj said the allegations made by Prithviraj were baseless and he wanted to delay the proceeding to hand over Rajmata’s property to her grandchildren.

Prithiviraj and Urwasi Devi have even alleged that Jagat Singh after shifting to Gondh parted ways with his parents. The next hearing in the case is scheduled in the Delhi High Court on coming Monday.