The Bharatiya Janata Party’s Uttar Pradesh unit seems to be more concerned on deciding party’s Chief Ministerial candidate instead of seriously focusing on poll preparations. BJP president Nitin Gadkari’s statement that former party chief Rajnath Singh is out of the race for the post of CM has exposed the internal bickering in the party. Political observers are drawing different conclusions out of the way former Madhya Chief Minister Uma Bharti has been fielded from Charkhari Assembly constituency in Bundelkhand region. Senior party leader and Former Chief Minister Rajnath Singh says he is not an aspirant for the Chief Minister’s post. But at the same time, he adds that contenders have nothing to do with the post of the CM. Either newly elected MLAs will choose the CM or the BJP parliamentary board will take decision on it. Rajnath shared his views with Dainik Jagran on ongoing political bickering within the party over selecting a Chief Ministerial candidate. The excerpts…

Q: You are campaigning for the party candidates across the state, where is the political scenario heading towards?

A: The BJP is going to win the UP Assembly polls. We will be in a position to form the next government after the polls.

Q: Is it not an exaggeration?

A: No, I am telling you the fact.

Q: The BJP is still struggling to deal with the internal strife within its UP unit?

A: No, there is no squabbling among the party leaders.

Q: Party leaders are said to be indulged in lobbying to strengthen their claim for the post of CM. But nobody knows about the number of seats the party is going to win?

A: Either the newly elected MLAs or the BJP central parliamentary board will decide the name of chief ministerial candidate.

Q: It is being said that Uma is the party’s chief ministerial candidate. Does it bear any significance?

A: Uma has been sharing good repo with UP. As far as the post of CM is concerned, the decision will be taken later.

Q: Addressing a press conference in Lucknow, your party chief Gadkari said Rajnath is out of race for the post of CM?

A: It’s absolutely right. I am not in the race for CM post.

Q: Your statement raises a question that when you were not a contender for the CM, why did Gadkari raise the contentious issue?

A: People were not ready to believe this, therefore I myself asked Gadkariji to clear the air on the issue.

Q: You are saying that legislators will choose the CM. If they choose you to head the government in the state if your party is voted to power, what will happen?

A: (Laughing) I have faith in my MLAs who will not do so.

Q: What was the reason behind denying party ticket to your son, Pankaj?

A: I did not recommend for party ticket to Pankaj. The decision of ticket distribution lies with party high command.

Q: It is being said that some senior party leaders spoiled the prospects of your son getting the party ticket. What is your reaction?

A: I do not think so.