Lucknow: Welcoming Trinamool Congress' move to withdraw support to the UPA government, BJP leader Rajnath Singh on Thursday said if BSP and SP are "honestly opposed" to FDI in retail they should also follow Mamata Banerjee's footsteps.

"Trinamool Congress has pulled out from the UPA, I welcome and again congratulate Mamata Banerjee," Rajnath said.

The BJP leader was leading a protest march as part of Thursday's nation-wide bandh called by Opposition parties against the Centre's move of inviting FDI in multi-brand retail and hike in diesel price.

"You have witnessed the state Assembly elections, SP, BSP and Congress continued to level allegations and counter allegations against each other, mislead people, but even at that time both the parties gave written support to the Centre which continues till date," he added.

On the one hand SP claims that it opposes FDI in retail, while on the other hand it is supporting Congress government at the Centre, he said.

"I want to ask SP and BSP leaders if they honestly oppose FDI in retail then they should immediately withdraw their support like Mamata Banerjee did," he said.

"SP gives logic that BJP was a big communal force and it should not come to power.

"I want to assure SP that if this government falls then BJP will take no initiative to form the government, but in the country's interest, you at least withdraw your support. Don't mislead the people of the state and the country," he said.

On being asked about the possibility of mid term polls in the country, Rajnath said that it could not be ruled out.

"But the issues which we are opposing, we are not eying them from the point of political gain or loss. It is the question of country's interest therefore we are opposing FDI," he said.

On being asked whether BJP would demand a special session of Parliament, Rajnath said that any decision would be taken during the core group meeting of the NDA.

"I understand that first SP and BSP should withdraw support," he said.

Rajnath said the party was not against globalisation, liberalisation and modernisation, but only upto the limit till it puts a question on the autonomy of the economy.

On being asked whether the Prime Minister should resign, he said it was already party's demand.

The TMC chief withdrew its support to the United Progressive Alliance government at the Centre on Tuesday, opposing Centre's move of inviting FDI in multi-brand retail and hike in diesel price.


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