Party president Rajnath Singh demanded that the Centre call all stakeholders to discuss the bifurcation issue.

"The crisis in Andhra Pradesh is fallout of the crisis within Congress," BJP president Rajnath Singh said, reiterating the party's position in favour of separate Telangana state.

Underlining the need for inter-regional equity, he said, "In Andhra Pradesh, the Congress-led government has brought in inter-regional rivalry. Both the Union Government and the Andhra Pradesh government have taken no steps to contain it."

Noting that handling the issue of bifurcation of a state requires a lot of political work and great acumen, Singh said, "Congress party, which is suffering from a leadership crisis within it, has not taken any steps in this direction. Instead, it has left the situation to deteriorate by the day."

Singh said that normalcy should be restored in the state and the Centre should call all stakeholders, take them into confidence and discuss all issues of concern. He also asked the Andhra Pradesh government to ensure safety of its people.

"We demand that the Andhra Pradesh government ensure the safety and security of people and their property. There is a warning of a cyclone in the coastal districts. There is a need for all the government machinery to pay attention to safeguarding people, property and public infrastructure at a time of imminent natural emergencies," Singh said.

BJP also appealed to TDP chief N Chandrababu Naidu and YSR Congress leader YS Jaganmohan Reddy to call off their fasts in protest against formation of the new state.


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