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07:42 pm: Whether its Centre or state Governments, I expect everyone to take stern action in case of atrocities against Dalits: Rajnath Singh

07:40 pm: Congress stages walkout from Lok Sabha during Home Minister Rajnath Singh's reply in the house on Atrocities against Dalits.

07:38 pm: We have run many programmes for socio-economic development of Dalits. Such programmes were not present earlier: Rajnath Singh

07:36 pm: Opposition attached anti Dalit impression against the BJP government, Rajnath Singh.

07:35 pm: What happened in Una is painful and condemnable. The state Govt took whatever steps it could: Rajnath Singh.

07:34 pm: We can't make progress until the poor and downtrodden are empowered. Blame game is not the solution: Rajnath Singh

07:33 pm: Hum Bharat ko duniya ka sartaaj banane ki hasrat ko tabhi poora kar sakte hain, jab hum maanavta ko sarvopari maane: Rajnath Singh.

07:32 pm: This issue must not be politicised, this is a challenge for all of us. We will make an attempt to curb it: Rajnath Singh.

07:31 pm: Unity in diversity is the crux of India democracy, says Rajnath Singh.

07:30 pm: Home Minister Rajnath Singh speaks in Lok Sabha on atrocities against Dalits issue.

07:00 pm: Even after 69 years of Independence, Dalits are still downtrodden, says Ramvilas Paswan

06:46 pm: Parties have shed crocodile tears over Rohith Vemula's suicide: Ramvilas Paswan

06:44 pm: Congress has insulted Dalits for long, says Ramvilas Paswan

05:57 pm: Let us all come together to end this menace of untouchability: says Naidu.

05:56 pm: NDA government has the highest number of SC/ST MPs: M Venkaiah Naidu.

05:55 pm: It is unfair to blame any particular party for the Dalit atrocity, says M Venkaiah Naidu.

05:54 pm: 'Headline' cannot be 'deadline' to end social injustice. We all should introspect: Naidu.

05:53 pm: We have to eradicate the menace of untouchability: M Venkaiah Naidu.

04:29 pm: It’s unfortunate that even after so many years of Independence, Dalits are being attacked:Saugata Roy.

02:54 pm: Majority of Dalits are living in a pathetic condition, Biju.

02:52 pm: Prime Minister must stop the elements who target Dalits, says P K Biju.

02:49 pm: We have provision to protect Dalits, says P K Biju.

2:40 pm: Discussion on Dalit atrocities under rule 193, begins in Lok Sabha

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