Describing the Gandhi scion’s outburst as an insult to the nation as well as to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Bharatiya Janata Party chief Rajnath Singh said that Rahul should have asked for the Ordinance to be formally withdrawn, instead of publicly denouncing it.

"By asking that the ordinance be torn up, is he (Gandhi) trying to spread anarchy? He could have waited for the Prime Minister to come back to India and told him that the ordinance was not appropriate and should be withdrawn. He could have asked for a cabinet meeting for formally withdrawing the Ordinance," the BJP president told reporters in Kolkata.

Rahul, in a surprise move on Friday, had strongly criticized the controversial Ordinance approved by the cabinet to shield convicted lawmakers. Rajnath Singh said that the Congress vice-president’s outburst is an insult to the country.

"The Prime Minister does not belong to a particular political party, but represents the whole country. At a time when he is representing the nation on foreign soil, his own party leader snubs him. It is unfortunate and inappropriate. This has hurt the prestige and esteem of the country," Rajnath Singh said.


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