Chennai: Tamil actor Dhanush, who is making his debut with Raanjhanaa against Sonam Kapoor is all the more excited about the film as he is speaking Hindi in it. The southern superstar awaiting the release of his first Hindi film says he doesn’t like comparisons with his father-in-law, Rajnikant.
You don’t like comparisons with your father-in-law, Rajnikant. Why so?
I grew up watching his films and therefore there might be his influence on me, but I don't like to be compared with him. He is a legend, a superstar and I'm only 26 films old. How can you possibly compare me with him?

Was the character in Raanjhanaa different from those of your Tamil film?
It was just another film for me. After hearing the script, I realized that the character was very similar to the lover boy I have played in several Tamil films. I knew I had to play a lover boy again, but in a different place and language and, therefore, I had nothing to worry about.
Anand wouldn't have offered me the project in the first place had he not believed in me. The faith factor touched me and I was convinced that I had to do the project.

Do you think your fans will accept you in a romantic hero's role as this is your first full-length romantic film?
I'm not a judge of my films and I don't know how my fans in Tamil Nadu will react to ' ‘Raanjhanaa '. We have dubbed the film in Tamil hoping it will impress my fans, but I don't know if I can assure you they will like it. I hope they do and I'm waiting to see how they will receive it.

How is the working scenario like in both the industries?
Working in Bollywood is almost similar to doing movies in the Tamil film industry. The only difference is the exhausting promos. In the south, we usually give a bunch of interviews and we are done, but in Bollywood, promotions are really exhausting. We travelled to nearly 15 cities to promote ' Raanjhanaa', but down south, seldom do we go to other cities to promote our films. This is the only difference I find between the two industries," he said.

Is language a barrier?
I almost gave up dubbing because learning Hindi was a herculean task. But Anand and Sonam never gave up on me and I'm thankful to them. I still haven't mastered the language and I think I will take more time.

How did a Tamil actor end up in Bollywood?
Anand watched my National Award winning Tamil film 'Aadukalam' and decided to cast me. Even though I was skeptical initially, the faith that Anand showed in me eventually led me to sign the project.

You have signed another film with Anand. Is it because of the pre assumed success you will get from Raanjhanaa?
You can't always expect to work with a director who guarantees success. Anand and I have developed mutual respect for each other. Precisely this is why I have teamed up with him even before the release of my Hindi debut.

Produced by Eros International, "Raanjhanaa" is coming out Friday, while its Tamil version "Ambikapathy" will hit the screens a week later.