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06:30 pm: Cabinet meeting begins in Parliament.

06:25 pm: I have no hesitation in saying that whatever is happening in Kashmir is sponsored by Pakistan, says Rajnath Singh in Rajya Sabha.

06:23 pm: Anti-national slogans against the country won't be tolerated on Indian soil, want to appeal ppl in Kashmir to stop such elements: Rajnath SIngh.

06:22 pm: There is no power in the world that can take Jammu and Kashmir away from us, says Rajnath Singh.

06:21 pm: If there will be any talks with Pakistan, it will only be on PoK and not Kashmir: Rajnath Singh.

06:20 pm: Some LeT militants are trying to threaten our security personnel and their families in J&K, says Rajnath Singh.

06:19 pm: 4,515 security personnel and 3,356 civilians have been injured during the protests in Kashmir, so far:Rajnath Singh.

06:18 pm: All-party meeting to be held on Kashmir issue on August 12, PM will also attend it: Rajnath Singh.

06:17 pm: Despite 100 ambulances being damaged due to stone pelting in the Kashmir region, over 400 ambulances are still operating, says Rajnath Singh.

06:15 pm: I'm not saying that people living in Kashmir are leading a normal life, but state Government is trying its best to provide basic facilities: Rajnath Singh.

06:13 pm: Have no hesitation in saying that whatever is happening in Kashmir is sponsored by Pakistan: Rajnath Singh.

06:12 pm: When I visited Srinagar and Anantnag on July 23 and 24, I met various delegations and J&K CM there to discuss the Kashmir issue, says Rajnath Singh.

06:11 pm: I am not trying to justify the use of non lethal weapon but it has been used before: Rajnath Singh.

06:09 pm: All-party meeting to be held on Kashmir issue on August 12; PM will also attend it: Rajnath Singh.

06:08 pm: Security forces have been instructed to exercise maximum restraint in dealing with protests in Kashmir, Home Minister Rajnath Singh.

04:02 pm: The youth of Kashmir wants to be the beneficiary of India's success story: Jitendra Singh.

03:51 pm: J&K is unique in the sense that it has its own constitution.Constitution of J&K itself says 'I am an integral part of India': Jitendra Singh.

03:33 pm: We all are worried about Jammu and Kashmir. Time has arrived to rise above political lines: Jitendra Singh,MoS PMO.

03:31 pm: Time to rise above political line, says Jitendra Singh.

03:22 pm: Kashmir is a political and humanitarian problem, says Dr. Karan Singh

03:20 pm: All party delegation is a good idea, says Singh

03:15 pm: Kashmir is an unsolved issue, Government needs to bite the bullet, says Singh

03:13 pm: Jammu and Kashmir is guided by Article 370, says Singh

03:11 pm: Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India, Dr. Karan Singh

02:37 pm: We have to win the hearts of Kashmiris, says Ali

02:36 pm: There is a great problem of home grown terrorism, says Ali

02:35 pm: Whole Kashmir is burning, says Ali

02:31 pm: BSP's Munquad Ali takes part in the debate

02.21 pm: BJD's Dilip Kumar Tirkey takes part in Kashmir debate in Rajya Sabha.

02.20 pm: Send an all-party delegation to Kashmir to give confidence to people: Sitaram Yechury.

02:18 pm: Create trust by stopping communal polarisation in the country, says Yechury.

02.17 pm: We need to find out why Kashmiris are alienated, says the CPM leader.

02.16 pm: What is stopping the government from initiating a political dialogue: Yechury.

02:14 pm: There is a great deficit of trust among the people of Kashmir: Sitaram Yechury.

02.12 pm: We have not have been able to find solutions even after 30 days of curfew: Sitaram Yechury.

02:09 pm: We have articles for other states as well not just Jammu and Kashmir, says Sitaram Yechury.

02:09 pm: Mingling of sufism and vedanta, that is Kashmiriyat: Sitaram Yechury.

02.07 pm: CPM leader Sitaram Yechury takes part in Kashmir debate in Rajya Sabha.

1:02 pm: Rajya Sabha adjourned till 2 pm.

12.44 pm: Kashmiris are angry with us, we should take them on board by love. Otherwise the history will never forgive us, says Sharad Yadav.

12.42 pm: We have to strive hard to win hearts of Kashmiris, using force is not the way, use of pellet guns must be stopped immediately: JD-U leader Sharad Yadav.

12.40 pm: Burhan Wani was more dangerous on internet than on streets. He is more dangerous dead than alive: Derek O'Brien.

12.38 pm: It is very important at this stage not to make a distinction between Kashmir and people of Kasmiri, says O'Brien.

12.30 pm: Trinamool Congress leader Derek O'Brien takes part in Kashmir debate in Rajya Sabha.

12.16 pm: Jammu is also facing unemployment issue like Kashmir but how come the youth in Jammu don't pick up stones, sticks and guns, asks Manhas.

12.15 pm: Kashmir cannot be discussed without talking about Jammu and Ladakh, says Shamsher Singh Manhas.

11.47 am: BJP's Shamsher Singh Manhas takes part in Kashmir debate in Rajya Sabha.

11:45 am: An all-party delegation needs to be sent to Jammu and Kashmir, demands the Congress leader.

11.36 am: When you speak from the heart, the message reaches the people in Kashmir: Ghulam Nabi Azad in Rajya Sabha.

11.35 am:
Law and order is not the sole responsibility of Kashmir police, paramilitary forces are also involved.

11.34 am: The Kashmir chief minister doesn't have the resources, says the Congress leader.

11.33 am: Former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee's words don't suit Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

11.32 am: Kashmir is an integral part of India but what about the integration of ideas.

11.31 am: You cannot expect opposition to speak in the government's voice.

11.30 am: 'Kashmiriyat' and 'Insaniyat' murdered by pellet guns, says Azad.

11.29 am: A militant is a militant, whether he is from Punjab or Kashmir.

11.28 am: There is a difference between communalism and separatism, says Azad.

11.25 am: Everyone in Kashmir is a victim of militancy. Many of us have lost near and dear ones in the militancy in Kashmir: Ghulam Nabi Azad.

11.23 am: Don't just love Kashmir for its beauty but love Kashmir for its people, love the children and people who lost their eyes: Azad.

11.22 am: Finance Minister Arun Jaitley intervenes, says Jammu and Kashmir is a sensitive issue.

11.19 am: The prime minister knows everything that is happening in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.

11.18 am: The prime minister should speak in the House on Kashmir situation, says Ghulam Nabi Azad.

11.17 am: When was the country's capital shifted to Madhya Pradesh, asks Azad.

11.16 am: Ghulam Nabi Azad hits out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi for addressing the Kashmir people from Madhya Pradesh.

11.11 am: I want to thank the home minister on behalf of the opposition for allowing discussion on Kashmir issue, says Ghulam Nabi Azad.

11.10 am: Ghulam Nabi Azad initiates debate on Kashmir in Rajya Sabha.

11.05 am: Uproar in Rajya Sabha over attack on Dalits by cow vigilantes in Andhra Pradesh.

10.52 am: Prime Minister Narendra Modi to discuss strategy with top ministers before the start of Kashmir debate.

10.50 am: Five hours allotted for Kashmir debate in Parliament.

10.45 am: Leader of Opposition Ghulam Nabi Azad to initiate debate on Kashmir situation in Rajya Sabha.

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