Mumbai: Following his complaint against threats issued to him, Ram Gopal Varma has been provided with security. Maria Susairaj's release has brought its own share of controversies. However, it spiraled further when Ram Gopal Varma made a claim that he is ready to sign her in his next film.

Last morning, RGV filed a non-cognizable complaint (NC) at Versova police station against BJP yuva morcha President for threatening him with life apart from attempting to attack his office.
"They called and threatened me and also came to the office to attack me,” Ramu said.

He added, “Maria is not my sister or my girlfriend for me to blindly support her. For all I know she could be innocent or she could be the killer or maybe even a serial killer. But I believe that in a civilised society and a democracy, there should be an accepted way of determining that namely by judicial systems, instead of having ill informed emotional knee jerk reactions.

He also said, “In the name of getting justice, if people resort to goondaism, it should be completely unacceptable to anyone and therefore as a free citizen of this country, I decided to file a police complaint against the BJP's threat issued to me."