New Delhi: Dubbing Ramdev and Anna Hazare as 'masks' of destabilising forces, Congress on Tuesday alleged a conspiracy of national subversion has been undertaken jointly by the forces of right reaction and left anarchism.

"Over the past 10 months, there have been systematic attempts to undermine the stability of the government", party spokesman Manish Tewari told reporters.

He said the forces of right reaction and forces of left anarchism have come together in the conspiracy of subversion.

This, he said, was happpening because of four reasons-- nervousness of Sangh Parivar after the investigations in Samjhouta Express pointed fingers towards people associated with RSS and mounting evidence against Narendra Modi in the 2002 Gujarat riots.

The two other reasons were "desperation" of BJP's Prime Minister in waiting and the attempt by the Left ideology to derive mileage from the situation.

"Are we going to allow stability of the government and basic structure of the Constitution to be compromised?" he asked.

Talking separately, AICC general secretary B K Hariprasad accused veteran L K Advani of "outsourcing" opposition role to Hazare and Ramdev after losing in two elections and said the senior BJP leader was an "old man in a hurry" to become PM.

Launching a blistering attack on Hazare, the Congress leader said he is a "mask of RSS and Sangh Parivar" and said he was no better than Ramdev.  "It is not their satyagraha but the Agrah for Satta (demand for power)," he said.

Tewari said those dreaming of coming of power will have to fight the battle through ballot boxes and not masks.

"It will be a great mistake if they think that the battle for power will be won by putting forward the masks," the Congress spokesperson said.

He added that such forces will be met with "appropriate political and governance response".

Attacking both Ramdev and Hazare, Tewari said that the attitude of "my way or highway" does not work and he would not like to comment on "the best combination of ignorance and arrogance".

To a question if the government was convinced that Ramdev was a mask of RSS, why did it send four ministers to receive him at airport, Tewari said that an attempt was made to explain to Ramdev that the issues raised by him are already being addressed by the government.

"Some times sensitive governments try to convince even the masks that the people in whose hands they are playing pose a threat to integrity of the country. No responsible party would like to stake national interest on political considerations," he said.

Maintaining that "any government would obviously try to reason with", Tewari cautioned against interpreting the "magnanimity of government as its weakness".

He said that the government has shown generosity and sensitivity that should be respected when asked to comment on Hazare's attack on the government on the issue of Lokpal.

Ramdev 'forgives' PM

After his stinging attack, Baba Ramdev mellowed down saying he "forgave" the Prime Minister for the crackdown on his agitation even as the Congress accused him of being a "mukhota" (mask) of the RSS and the Sangh Parivar.

Ramdev, who has resumed his agitation against black money, corruption and the police action on his supporters, however, said history will not forgive Singh for the "political sin" he has committed.

"The Prime Minister termed it (the police action) unfortunate. In a way he has accepted his sin. Since he has accepted his sin, I have forgiven him," Ramdev told reporters at his ashram in Haridwar.

"I have personally forgiven him but the history of not only India but the whole world will never forgive him for the political sin he committed. He has tainted democracy," Ramdev said.

The yoga guru was reacting to Singh's remarks yesterday that "it was unfortunate that the operation had to be conducted but quite honestly, there was no alternative."

Ramdev said he was open to talks with the Government. After accusing him of reneging on his promise to end his fast in Delhi last Saturday, senior Central ministers had made it clear that there was nothing to discuss with the yoga guru.

The 46-year-old yoga guru now also faces heat from the Enforcement Directorate and the Income Tax department, which are examining operations of several companies dovetailed into two flagship trusts-Pastanjali Yogpeeth and Divya Yog Mandir founded by him. The turnover of the two trusts is said to be over Rs.1,100 crore in 2009-10.

On the Congress ridiculing his bid to flee in a women's dress from the protest site following the police crackdown, Ramdev said even Maratha warrior Shivaji had escaped in disguise to secure the nation.

"If anybody saves his life for securing the nation, they won't like it. Even Shivaji had saved his life. But these people do not accept Shivaji as their ideal. Their target is to protect terrorists and kill the Baba."

Congress general secretary Janardan Dwivedi had yesterday said, "A satyagrahi does not run away stealthily wearing women's dress. Satyagrahi is always ready to sacrifice his life".

The yoga guru said the police would now edit the recordings made by the CCTV cameras installed at the ground in a bid to wipe out the evidence so that they escape action.

"We had put CCTV cameras in the camp, which recorded the events. If the police had not done anything wrong, why did they take away the footages forcibly. This is clear cut goondaism of the police.

He said the government's argument that there was a threat of terrorist attack on him could be another conspiracy to eliminate him and alleged that an e-mail has been "manufactured" by the government to make it convincing.

Government has banned Ramdev's entry into the capital for a fortnight and had bundled him out to Haridwar where he vowed to continue his agitation.