Bangalore: Yoga guru Ramdev stuck to his opposition against allowing FDI in retail sector and called for a "united struggle" against the Centre's proposed move on the issue.
"The ruling party looks like that they are working as an agent of foreign companies...first, it was East India Company, now it is Walmart," Ramdev hit out at the Centre at a press conference here.
He advocated a large movement against the proposed FDI move in retail trade.
Turning to the debate on black money, he said "all politicians claim blackmoney stashed away should be brought back and corruption removed, but nobody talks of how and what procedure needs to be adopted".
"CBI and Enforcement Directorate tried (to investigate) me too. They could not find a blot on me. I have started a debate on how we can retrieve blackmoney," he said and demanded all black money that is owned be declared as "national treasure".
Ramdev claimed he had received a proposal from a source who could hand him the names of Indians who have stashed black money abroad but said, "The person giving me the names was asking for too much money".
He also questioned why the government was not making public the list of 700 Indians who have allegedly stashed money abroad.