Supriyo, who was elected to the 16th Lok Sabha from Asansol, claimed this in an article published in a leading Bengali daily.

In the article, Supriyo claimed that he was seated next to Baba Ramdev on a flight in February when the yoga guru was talking about distribution of tickets.

On a lighter note, Supriyo said that he wants to contest the polls and demanded a ticket from Ramdev.

“I want a ticket. And if you do not give it, I will tell the media how you are giving tickets to people," the popular singer said.

Supriyo further claimed that Ramdev asked his personal secretary to note down the singer’s number.

On March 1, Supriyo received a call from a person named Rakesh, who introduced himself as a pracharak of the BJP ideologue’s Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS).

During the telephonic conversation, Rakesh told the singer that he got his number from Baba Ramdev.

"Baba has told us about you. How much money will you be able to spend? The limit is Rs 70 lakh but some people spend more than that," Supriyo wrote quoting the RSS pracharak.

I told Rakesh that I could not spend such huge amount of money. I admire Modi and that is why I want to contest the elections, Supriyo wrote in his article.

According to the singer, he received a second call and to his surprise it was from the yoga guru himself, who confirmed his candidature on BJP’s ticket.

When Supriyo told the yoga guru that he would not be able to spend such a large amount, a jovial Ramdev said, "You should not worry.

The BJP will take care of the monetary aspect. But you promise to me that you will learn Pavan Mukta asana (a posture to get rid of gas-related problems)."

Supriyo again received a call from BJP’s Bengal unit president Rahul Sinha on March 7.

According to the article, Sinha asked him if he had any objection on being fielded from Asansol.

When Supriyo asked why he was being fielded from Asansol, he was told that the city has a sizable Hindi speaking population and he is well-versed with the language.

“We believe if you work hard, we can win that seat," Sinha told Supriyo.

Supriyo became a Member of Parliament (MP) by winning the seat with 11,42,395 votes. He contested against Bansa Gopal Choudhury of CPM and TMC’s Dola Sen.

Ramdev’s association with the saffron party is well known and often he has been seen hobnobbing with some of the heavyweight BJP leaders. Supriyo’s revelations make things more interesting for sure.


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