Ranikhet (Almora): Launching a blunt attack of words on the top politicians, Baba Ramdev blamed them for the deteriorating financial condition of the country haunted by corruption.

During his Bharat Swabhiman yatra, Ramdev said, “The rampant corruption, adulteration and misdeeds are the biggest menace in the nation. We need to take a pledge to bring back the black money for replenishing the nation’s prosperity.”  

Addressing the huge gathering after the yoga camp, he said, “Hunger and malnutrition are the biggest problems in the world. In India, there are 20,000 deaths per day due to hunger and malnutrition. In spite of 33,000 lakh kilometer square of land area and land property worth Rs 20,000 lakh crores in India, why is such a powerful nation infected by so many problems.”

Claiming corruption, adulteration and misdeeds as the biggest issues, he said, “Such culprits must either be sentenced to death or life imprisonment.”

Earlier, he gave training on various yoga asanas at the SSJ premises in Almora.

Meanwhile, in Haldwani, Youth Congress workers shouted slogans against Ramdev. They were demanding the disclosure of the Minister named in corruption charges in the state and demonstrated black flags to protest against Ramdev’s movement.