Delhi: Said publicity queen Rakhi Sawant, who grabbed enough eyeballs when she turned up at Parliament on the first day of Budget Session to see its working and meet the netas.

No one can hog the limelight as effortlessly as publicity queen Rakhi Sawant does. The item girl grabbed enough eyeballs yesterday, as she wandered into the Parliament complex on the first day of the Budget Session.

Wearing a pair of jeans and a white kurta, Sawant reached the complex around lunchtime

"No one invited me. I just came here randomly ¦ to see the Parliament, its working, and also to meet the parliamentarians," Sawant told reporters.

Adding further, the drama queen said, "I am here to know the Budget and see how leaders are working on it. I want to request Sonia Gandhi that there should be something for the women too in the Union Budget.
In fact, I want the government to make a good budget so that not only the rich but the common man too can afford two meals a day."

Donning a pair of denim pants and a white kurta, Sawant had reached the complex around lunchtime. While entering the reception, she greeted the security men with a namaste.

"I am Rakhi Sawant," she told the security men and removed her dark sunglasses so that they could recognise her. "Everyone is shocked to see me here," she exclaimed.

Sawant, sounding aware of the political developments in the country, even congratulated Mulayam Singh Yadav for his win in Uttar Pradesh.

She also had some words of advice for yoga Guru Baba Ramdev, whom she had once expressed the desire to marry. "I respect Baba Ramdev. He should do yoga and keep quiet," said the drama queen who was in the complex for over an hour.