Allahabad: Desperate to settle score with the Congress and the Central government, Baba Ramdev, just after 24 hours of his comment that Mayawati would be a better Prime Minister than Rahul Gandhi, once again shocked everyone by stating that Pranab Mukherjee is the only capable claimant for the Prime Minister’s post in the party.

Ramdev, who is here for the past two days, had on Thursday dismissed Rahul’s name as PM candidate saying, “For PM candidate one needs more qualification than talking and as compared to him, Mayawati is much more experienced and mature.”

He said, “Pranab is the only leader in the Congress party, who is concerned about the country’s problems.  He wants to bring back the blackmoney stashed into foreign banks but he is not allowed to do so.”

 “Rahul is novice in politics, as he is not ready to handle PM’s responsibility. Pranab is the best leader in the Congress for this esteemed post,” Ramdev said on Friday.

On issue of showing him black flags, Ramdev said, “If Congress workers are showing us black flags for speaking against corruption and blackmoney then it only depicts their own characters.”

“In January, we will run a statewide public awareness and signature campaign on the issue of blackmoney and will urge people to vote for those parties which will support us,” Ramdev added.