Haridwar: Lashing out at Congress for the May 4 crackdown, Baba Ramdev on Wednesday again took up the issue and said that he would set up a 11,000-strong force to deal with police and anti-social elements attempting to disrupt his anti-corruption movement.

"I appeal that 20 young men from every district should come here. We will train them in both shahstra (vedas) and shastra (weapons)," Ramdev, who is continuing his strike     against corruption, told his followers here.

The yoga guru said, "We will prepare 11,000 men and women so that next time we do not lose any battle at Ramlila Maidan in Delhi".

However, he said that the Sena will be raised only for self defence and not to harm anybody.

"The sena will safeguard themselves and other followers. It is not for taking lives of anybody," Ramdev said.

Baba Ramdev had on Tuesday stuck a conciliatory tone, saying he "forgave" the Prime Minister for the crackdown on his agitation.

"The Prime Minister termed it (the police action) unfortunate. In a way he has accepted his sin. Since he has accepted his sin, I have forgiven him," Ramdev had said.

"I have personally forgiven him but the history of not only India but the whole world will never forgive him for the political sin he committed. He has tainted democracy," Ramdev
had said.

The yoga guru is observing a fast from June 4 to press for his demands of bringing back black money from foreign nations, tougher anti-graft laws and to uproot corruption from
the country.

Congress terms Ramdev armed rebellion call unconstitutional

The Congress on Wednesday said yoga guru Baba Ramdev's call for an armed rebellion is a serious issue and hoped that the government will take appropriate action to uphold the Constitution and maintain law and order.

Ramdev's statement to give arms training to 11,000 young men and women to fight against corruption was "against Constitution and against the lawful elected government", Congress spokesperson Jayanti Natarajan said.

"We would like to know is it a plan to start an armed rebellion against Centre?" she asked.

Taking exception to senior BJP leader Sushma Swaraj meeting Ramdev in Haridwar today, Natarajan asked whether BJP was also a party to the plan to start an "armed struggle".

"Is it correct for the Leader of Opposition to meet Ramdev in Hardiwar when he has called for a war against the government? It is for the BJP to answer whether they are supporting (the plan) and what was the LoP doing there," she said.

On whether Ramdev's statement amounted to sedition and if he should be put behind bars, Natarajan said whatever the yoga guru has said was "completely against rule of law and the

"His remarks were unconstitutional and illegal. Whatever action is taken, it is for the Government to decide and it should taken appropriate action," she said.

To a question what the Congress expects from the government, she said the Home Minister was aware of the action advised under the law and to maintain law and order and prevent communal polarisation.

Natarajan said there were attempts in the past weeks to sub-verge the Constitution, polity and democracy by communal forces who want to polarise the society.

SP raise doubts over Ramdev

The Samajwadi Party on Wednesday said the police action against Baba Ramdev's hunger strike in Delhi is condemnable but the yoga guru's announcement to raise an armed brigade is also not proper.

"In democracy no one has the right to wield lathi and shell tear gas...The Centre should be condemned for forcing a social reformer to flee in a women's dress," SP leader Mohd
Azam Khan said.

However, Ramdev's announcement to raise an armed brigade is also improper, he said.

"I saw the press conference where Ramdev announced to raise an armed force. This is improper in democracy," he said at the SP national convention at Taarghar ground here.

Ramdev had on Tuesday warned the government that next time protesters would be armed and ready to retaliate. "We will build an army of 11,000 men and women," he had said.

The SP leader also hit out at Ramdev for sharing dais with right-wing Hindu leader Sadhvi Ritambhara, an accused in the Babri Masjid demolition.
"Can Ritambhara or Ashok Singhal remove corruption, or the BJP, whose national president was caught on camera for accepting a bribe of Rs one lakh? Never," he said.

Slamming those criticising Ramdev's fast against corruption, Khan said, "There is a new revolution (fight against corruption) in the country and it is welcome. It is not easy to raise voice for freedom (from corruption). (Some) people are not seeing what Anna Hazare wants or what happened to Baba Ramdev, but they are criticising them."

Khan said those fighting against corruption should come to Uttar Pradesh, which has the most corrupt government in the history of the country after Independence.

"Those who are fighting against corruption, come to Lucknow, we will stand behind you. UP needs a bigger revolution (against corruption)," he said.

Criticising the Centre for the crackdown on Ramdev at Ramlila ground on Saturday night, SP spokesman Mohan Singh said, "Such things were only heard during Hitler's regime."

Singh said initially the Centre gave permission to the yoga guru to hold the protest and even four of its ministers went to receive the Baba at the airport.

"What transpired all of a sudden that tear gas shells were lobbed at sleeping people in the middle of the night.This was not heard in India before, such things were heard during Hitler's era," he said.