Haridwar: Yoga guru Baba Ramdev, who recently was on a hunger strike against corruption and black money in Delhi, has plans of initiating a second movement and this time with the help of the saffron brigade. The reports of Ramdev meeting with Vishwa Hindu Parishad international head Ashok Singhal have added fuel to the fire of such claims.

According to sources, Baba on June 21 met Ashok Singhal to discuss the strategy of second phase of his ‘Swabhimaan’ movement.

However, both Patanjali Peeth and Bharat Swabhimaan Trust have not provided any official details of the minutes of the meeting.

Yet, observers believe that Ramdev’s second movement will directly receive support from VHP and other members of the saffron brigade thus alerting Congress to be fully prepared for Baba’s next move.

Baba indecisive over Anna campaign

Baba Ramdev and his aide Balakrishna have failed to take any decision on Anna Hazare campaign for Lokpal Bill. “Rounds of discussion for the final resolution are still on”, sources said.

Observers, however, believe that no positive signs from Anna Hazare team have resulted in the delay of Baba’s response.

However, Baba and his associate have not denied the idea of supporting any national campaign for the upliftment of the common mass.