Mumbai:  It should be easy for Ram Gopal Varma to use A R Rahman's title track from ‘Rangeela’, which RGV directed in 1995, as part of the background score for his new real-life horror film Not A Love Story, right?

Wrong! He is being driven up the wall trying to get the rights for his own song from his own film.
The trouble is, he and the film's cast and crew have their hearts set on the Rangeela song. And none from the team of ‘Not A Love Story’ knows how to get out of it.

Can't imagine

A source says, “Not in his wildest imagination did Ramu think he would have a problem getting the rights for a song from his own movie. He ordered a terrific re-mix of ‘Hoja Rangeela Re’ and it was to be used to set the violent, reckless pace of the crime thriller. Now, when he is facing a problem with getting the rights of the song, the entire team is depressed. They can't imagine a replacement to this track. The director doesn't know what to do."

Having no rights

When questioned about it Ramu says, "Yes, I do want to use the song in my next. But the rights are not with me. Yeah, I can't use a song from my own film while others merrily remix songs from other people's films."