New Delhi: India on Wednesday said the talks with Islamabad would continue even though Tahawwur Hussain Rana and David Headley have reportedly admitted the role of Pakistan's ISI in masterminding Mumbai terror attacks.

S M Krishna, External Affairs Minister (MEA), however, said that the revelation will not change Indian government's stand towards the Indo-Pak peace talks.

According to Krishna “Talks with Islamabad will continue, cricket matches will go on and simultaneously our relentless efforts will continue to bring to justice all those responsible for the Mumbai attacks.”

MEA also said confessions of Rana and Headley will be taken up with the Pakistan  government but both are two separate issues.

“We will certainly take it up. We are in constant touch with the Pakistan government through our diplomatic channels,” he said.

Krishna also gave the reference of Sharm el-Sheikh declaration when asked about India's earlier stand that talks will not proceed in absence of credible action against terrorism from Pakistan.    

Headley and Rana are likely to admit their role at a trial in the US next month.