Chicago: Refuting reports of Tahawwaur Rana’s admitted involvement in Mumbai terrorist attacks, his attorneys on Thusrday said, the former had never confessed to any knowing involvement in the attacks. 

"Contrary to recent reports, Tahawwur Rana has neither admitted nor confessed to any knowing involvement in the tragic events in Mumbai of November 2008," his attorneys
Patrick W Blegen and Charles D Swift said in a brief statement.

The clarification came following reports that Rana, accused in the Mumbai terror attack case, has claimed before a Chicago court that he provided "material support" to the terrorists at the behest of the Pakistan Government and its spy agency ISI and not the terror group Lashkar-e-Taiba.

"He (Rana) maintains his position that he has never knowingly provided support to any terrorist organization, designated or otherwise," the statement said.

"Likewise, Rana's defence has not been undermined by the recent ruling granting the United States government's motion that Rana may not rely on the defence of public authority for any assistance that he might have provided to Pakistan's ISI," it said.

49-year-old Rana is accused of helping David Headley in setting up his office in Mumbai which the latter used as cover for his trips to the city for identifying targets. His trial is scheduled to be held on May 16 and Headley is most likely to testify as a witness.